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SpeedFactory Racing Honda/Acura K24A2/K20Z3 (RBC) Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket

SpeedFactory Racing Honda/Acura K24A2/K20Z3 (RBC) Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket

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SpeedFactory Racing Thermal Intake Manifold Gaskets are designed to be used as a direct OEM replacements for everything from street cars to full on drag racing applications. Our gaskets are reusable and significantly reduce the transfer of heat from the head to the intake manifold reducing intake air temps and thereby producing more power!

After years of using other thermal gaskets, we were not satisfied with the materials that other gaskets are made from. Problems that we have seen include: melting, poor fitment, poor conformability, and shrinkage.

We addressed all these issues – and torture tested them in everything from daily drivers to the most extreme non-intercooled drag race conditions at 420+*F charge air temps and nearly 100psi of intake manifold pressure without an issue - you can be confident that our gaskets are the best on the market in quality and value!


SpeedFactory Thermal Gasket Features:

• Direct OEM fitment

• Completely reusable with no difficult and messy mating surface cleanup required

• Reduced heat transfer = more power, reduced detonation


SpeedFactory Thermal Gasket Qualities:

• High conformability and resilience allowing the gasket to conform to irregular, rough, and even warped mating surfaces and still provide a secure seal

• Extreme chemical resistance, unaffected by petrochemicals

• Excellent thermal insulation properties

• High melting temperature (over 500*F)

• Long life, doesn’t dry out and get brittle or crack


Fitment Applications:


K24A2 / K20Z3/ K20Z4 / K24A / K24A4 / K24A8

RBC Type

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