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SpeedFactory Racing AWD Wagovan Rear Differential Install Kit for MFactory D16 40mm LSD

SpeedFactory Racing AWD Wagovan Rear Differential Install Kit for MFactory D16 40mm LSD

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With MFactory D16 40mm LSD?


We are currently out of stock, this listing will be adjusted once they are available. 

Current estimated availability is 4-6 weeks as of 5/10/23. 

We are proud to introduce our pain-free installation kit for the MFactory D16 40mm LSD into the Wagovan RT4WD rear ends for those of you that appreciate attention to detail and want to do things the right way. 

This is by far the easiest and most cost-effective drop-in LSD solution when paired with our bolt + shim installation kit!

You will save hours of tedious labor & frustration and retain the critical proper factory set backlash & gear mesh pattern. Forget about machining bolts & bolt holes or machining your LSD flange, fussing with repeated test fitting, and attempting to source or make the proper shims.

Pair our installation kit with an MFactory LSD for the ultimate in ease of use & 7-second proven performance in our own race cars at a great price!

Installation Kit Includes:
• x10 Black Oxide Coated Grade 12.9 Bolts
• x2 Precision Stainless Steel shims

• NOTE: Order Honda PN# 91006-PX5-008 if you need new differential bearings (not included). These are the correct 40x68x22 NTN bearings that are needed for the Wagovan RT4WD rear differential.

**This kit is intended for installing an LSD into a good condition rear end. Always verify your clearances as good standard building practice.  If you are performing a full rear end rebuild then you will still need to set and check all tolerances, gear mesh pattern, and backlash.


It has come to our attention that many are saying this kit can't work because you always have to re-shim and re-set the gear mesh and backlash with shim sizes that are unknown until you attempt to install and then measure everything. It should be noted that we are not advocating for poor assembly practices and not checking things with this kit. Let's get into the details:

1. THE BOLTS - No, they're NOT just bolts with a shorter head.

You’ll be able to use the existing unthreaded secondary holes in the MFactory LSD with our custom designed Grade 12.9 bolts that incorporate both a low profile flanged head that clears the differential carrier as well as an enlarged shoulder profile (larger diameter than the OEM bolt shoulder) that eliminates all ring gear side-to-side slop for proper fit into the unthreaded holes in the MFactory D16 LSD (which are not only a larger diameter but also located on a larger pitch circle diameter than the threaded holes in the Wagovan ring gear).

Yes, there are always other ways to "ghetto mod" things like cutting down bolt heads OR buying cheap, weak low-grade non-flanged head hardware store bolts OR buying expensive ARP bolts and ignoring the slop in the mismatched holes - these custom bolts are simply the RIGHT way to do it which is why we took the time to design and produce them. 

2. THE SHIMS - Install 1 of the provided precision stainless steel shims on each side of the MFactory LSD before pressing on the differential bearings and re-assemble using the original factory installed outer shims in their respective original positions on the left and right side carriers.

How is it possible that you don't have to re-shim to achieve proper gear mesh and backlash? It's because MFactory holds excellent tolerances on these LSD's (as does Honda on the OEM differential) and their D16 LSD is a specific amount shorter than the OEM differential by the same distance on both sides relative to the ring gear mounting face position. These precision shims effectively bring the MFactory LSD to the same width as the OEM differential and place the ring gear in the original factory set location between the carrier towers when utilizing the original outer shims in their original locations. 

Now you have retained the original Honda Factory set bearing preload as well as gear mesh pattern and backlash without having to adjust the outer shims, and you have proper grade 12.9 bolts that clear the carrier towers and lock the ring gear in position without any possibility of side to side rotational movement as it should be.

Quick, easy, and correct LSD installation is the result and we have yet to install one and have it measure outside of factory specifications. Regardless, always double check & verify your clearances as good standard building practice.

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