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SpeedFactory Racing

SpeedFactory Racing Viton Honda / Acura Valve Stem Seals Kits

SpeedFactory Racing Viton Honda / Acura Valve Stem Seals Kits

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High-quality valve stem seals are vital to an engine’s performance and longevity! 

Our 5.5mm Viton valve stem seals are heat resistant to 400°F and are extremely resistant to even the most aggressive fuels, oils, and abrasion - providing superior sealing and maximum durability.

Provides proper valve lubrication and minimizes valve guide wear while keeping oil out of the combustion chambers resulting in improved engine efficiency and performance under all conditions including the high rpm and extreme heat levels generated by today’s high-performance builds.

Available in a complete set of 16 (8 Intake, 8 Exhaust) and in sets of 8 Intake or 8 Exhaust. Intake seals (Silver Spring) and Exhaust seals (Black Spring) are different & have individualized tension levels to achieve optimum lubrication and minimize wear. 

OEM Fitments: B-Series VTEC, K-Series, D-Series, H/F-Series VTEC, and F20C/F22C engines with 5.5mm valve stems.

Keywords: Supertech, Ferrea, Valve Stem Seals

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